The McGrath Report 2020

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What to expect in the 40 page report:

  • Key Residential Property Trends
  • Capital City Spotlights
  • John McGrath's Predictions
  • John McGrath's Top Picks

A Message from John McGrath

People are constantly asking me, ‘Where are we in the cycle?’

I can see why many people have been looking at the market a bit quizzically over the past few years. Let me share a few of my observations and the trends that I believe are having an impact on market performance.

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In The McGrath Report 2020 here are some of the topics we discuss for each city.

  • Has the Sydney property market turned a corner?
  • Has the Melbourne property market rebounded?
  • Is Brisbane & Surrounds property market poised to turnaround?
  • Will Canberra continue to see record price growth?

Capital City Spotlights

House of the Future

The large suburban home has long been the Australian dream but the house of the future is emerging as a sleek, minimalist dwelling designed to maximise psychological and environmental benefits. Learn whether this design trend will increase or decrease property prices in this year's report.

The Modern Commuter

A new fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) worker is emerging that will have a significant impact on regional property markets – the white collar FIFO.

A High Rise to Low Rise

Australia’s cities and skylines have been transformed by a proliferation of high rise apartments but has our fascination with homes in the sky reached its peak? 

Loner Living

We have long assumed that a home houses many people. But the future of homes is increasingly single occupancy.

More Australians are flying solo and embracing ‘loner living’, with a significant impact on the Australian property market.

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